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Dongguan Fangzhou Paper Trading Co.,Ltd.
Dongguan Fangzhou Paper Trade Co. Ltd is a production and sales of kraft paper, kraft paper packaging, paper bag, white kraft paper, white coated linerboard, kraft paper kraft paper America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand kraft paper, kraft paper, Taiwan cattle cardboard, white paper, gray board paper, offset paper, writing paper garment, drawing paper, glue film perforated paper, printing paper, paper and paper industry clothing wholesale company large professional paper. Company storage area of 10000 square meters, standing stock of 8000 tons.

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1.Packaging paper, printing paper, clothing paper and industrial paper
sales leader and standard-setters,
2.Continuously maintain market share, sales ahead of the leading position,
the product influence, industry awareness

1.With the Philippines 1600 computer high-speed web slitter,
2032 all-computer web slitting machine, 2200CAD computer paper,

2.Super production capacity, to meet the different needs of customers,
fully meet customer requirements on the goods,
3.In strict accordance with the international production standards of paper.

1. Professional delivery and delivery, cross-regional service capabilities
and a number of courier long-term cooperation to ensure that products

2.Covering the nationwide after-sales service network system, so you can always find us,
3.Professional service team, one to one for you to provide professional services.

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common problem
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      2015 to 1 billion yuan loss from the Chinese paper market to escape the Japanese paper company, recently in the North American market moves frequently.Details>>

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        In recent years, the amount of waste paper recycling, consumption and imports in Asia, far ahead of other regions.Details>>

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