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Add:Between East Zone Road and Kaidong Road, Xiangxi Village, Liaobu Town, Dong Guan City, Guangdong Province, China
National unified telephone:400 629 1113
Cell phone: Mr. Fang 13302645888
Tel:0769-22706809 22401217
Fax:0769-22404633 27204239

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Company introduction

  Dongguan Fangzhou Paper Trade Co. Ltd is a production and sales of kraft paper, kraft paper packaging, paper bag, white kraft paper, white coated linerboard, kraft paper kraft paper America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand kraft paper, kraft paper, Taiwan cattle cardboard, white paper, gray board paper, offset paper, writing paper garment, drawing paper, glue film perforated paper, printing paper, paper and paper industry clothing wholesale company large professional paper. Company storage area of 10000 square meters, standing stock of 8000 tons.

  The company has perfect customer service delivery system service system and strong, and equipped with imported 1600 high-speed computer web Slitter, 2032 full computer web slitting machine (can be divided into strip width 0.6cm), 2200CAD computer paper rewinding machine, 3 meters of frame type high speed web slitter rewinder, full automatic plate cutting machine, high precision shirt cardboard forming machine etc.. To provide customers with timely, accurate, efficient, comprehensive service and good quality, low price products.

  The company in line with quality first, reputation first, service first, wholeheartedly for the purpose of customers, and commitment to unconditional return, convenient customer ten million, the sincere idea. Won the trust and support of the majority of users.

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Company main products:

1, printing, kraft paper, packaging paper, tag, paper bag (positive and generous, special rules, can be produced drum)

   45-150 kraft paper bag
   50-120 g kraft paper
   125-250 g Russian kraft paper
   150-450 grams of imitation beauty Newcastle
   The United States 125-450 grams of stone, Huihao brand Newcastle
   175-450 g GP PCA United States, Newcastle
   150-450 g New Zealand cattle jam
   126-450 grams of flour bovine bottom coated cardboard
   126-450 white kraft 60-120 grams recycled kraft paper Hanging noodles
   40-300 grams of white / white kraft paper
   150-450 grams of double-sided red kraft paper
   150-450 grams of double-sided light colored kraft paper
   110-450 grams of Nine Dragons linerboard
   100-300 Keliwen kraft paper
   53-80 grams of paper, writing paper
   100-160 corrugated paper
   200-3000 double gray board paper
   60-500 g black cardboard

2, printing paper
   Drum, flat plate, special gauge.
   55 grams -200 grams of paper, writing paper. 40 g -300 g white kraft paper. Nine Dragons single side white board paper, white board paper, gray board paper, white cardboard.


3, clothing factory paper
   CAD computer plotting paper, paper, paper cutting, (36 inch to 86 inch). Punched paper, vacuum film, brown paper, yellow kraft paper, white kraft paper, double-sided copy paper, paper board, computer Philippines (tickets) Aberdeen paper, cut the bottom paper cutting bed mattress, carbon paper, cardboard collar shirt.


4, handbags, shoes, hardware, circuit boards, electronics, electroplating factory packaging paper industry
   Toe plug paper, bag paper, copy paper, kraft paper, kraft paper, hot pressing, glossy, wax paper light, butter paper, paper, paper moisture etc.

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