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Japanese paper companies fleeing from the Chinese paper market began to enter the U.S. market


2015 to 1 billion yuan loss from the Chinese paper market to escape the Japanese paper company, recently in the North American market moves frequently.

According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese paper will be 30 billion yen to acquire the U.S. forestry giant Weyerhaeuser Co (Weyerhaeuser) paper container business. Weyerhaeuser paper container business sales of about 40 billion yen, ranking third in the world. The pulp market in Japan is shrinking in the center of printing and information. Japanese paper hope in the United States to set up milk cartons and other paper containers production base, to further explore the North American market. This is Japan's largest paper company in 2010, the largest investment in China since the acquisition of the case.

From Asia, all the way to the west, Japan's second largest paper group's investment strategy is undergoing major changes.

In April 24, 2015, Japan's second largest paper company, Japan, the release of paper with the China's top second paper group, the group of men and women to make paper for up to five years of engagement. June, Nippon paper all completed the sale of 12% of the shares of the man, after the loss of HK $one billion.

In 2015, China manufacturing to Southeast Asia to nine dragons, massive migration documents, Zhenglong and other paper have increased investment in Southeast asia. But the Japanese paper seems unmoved, only set up in Singapore in Southeast Asia market sales headquarters, opened sales offices in Vietnam Hu Zhiming City, to carry out cooperation in business and Thailand Siam group, from the beginning to the end without a large investment.

For the acquisition, the industry is generally interpreted as the domestic and foreign markets continue to shrink in the case of the expansion of overseas initiatives. The same is the overseas investment, the Japanese paper sale of Chinese business, a massive march into North America, indicating that it is no longer optimistic about China's investment prospects, which is also the current Sino Japanese political cold and cold, the status quo match.

1990 daishowa paper company (now Nippon paper company) honorary Saito in English for $82 million 500 thousand at Christie's auction house in New York purchased the works of Van Gogh "portrait" doctor Gacher, in one fell swoop the oil painting auction record. But in 1997, the painting price of 30% was resold to an American investor, big Japanese paper investment in North America did not account for cheap. I do not know whether the acquisition of this company can bring huge returns?

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