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China International optimistic about the international pulp market, the three major pulp project launched the strategic vision of the three


  For years, China industry began to "go out" in the base of raw materials, construction in foreign countries such as: Shandong sun paper in Laos and the United States, in the paper pulp project in Guyana afforestation project, the work of international project in Belarus. "Going out" the road is difficult to go? What harvest? What a detour? What experience? 2017 China international pulp forum invited China International Engineering Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Ms. Chen Yufang shared Chinese Forest Pulp Paper overseas layout ideas and experience.

  Optimistic about the future prospects of forestry pulp paper

  According to Ms. Chen Yufang, in recent years, international construction and development of a series of pulp and paper projects overseas. The first is the Belarus 400 thousand tons bio products factory project, second projects are Russia's 930 thousand tons of bleached kraft pulp plant project, the third is to cooperate with the Finland North biochemical company advancing 400 thousand tons of pulp mill project. In the construction and development of the above projects, the international cooperation has actively explored various forms of cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.

  In recent years, in the process of construction or development of overseas pulp projects, the international industry gradually realized that the layout of Overseas Forest Pulp Paper Industry in line with the long-term development strategy, to promote the company's business growth and transformation and upgrading. From a higher level, it can ease the shortage of domestic pulp and paper resources bottleneck. Therefore, the work of international pulp and paper engineering department established in 2016, mainly to develop large pulp and paper projects with global forest resources and cost advantages, the main goal is to Russia, Southeast Asia, South America and Europe and other forestry resource rich region. 2017, the international pulp and paper industry has been positioned as the future direction of the strategic development, and will be the integration of investment and construction, forestry pulp paper integration as the development model of the field.

  In the end, Ms. Chen Yufang shared the three great ideas of China international. First, the Chinese initiated the establishment of pulp industry alliance, with industry alliance as a platform, combined with active forestry development enterprises at home and abroad, the design institute's top pulp & paper industry, domestic and foreign well-known equipment suppliers, to form a community of interests, in the market development, project implementation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of one-stop industrial formation. Second, to establish development fund focused on Pulp & paper industry investment and development of overseas pulp & paper industry, the fund will provide financing platform for the construction of large pulp and paper factory overseas, mainly aiming at national and regional layout of Russia, Finland, Southeast Asia, South America and other rich forestry resources. Third, plans to invest in the next five years and the construction of three to five pulp mill project, the product back to the Chinese market, to solve the bottleneck of domestic resources shortage.

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