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Europe set up world-class pulp logistics center in Zhuhai


 Zhuhai Gaolan ougang pulp logistics distribution center in a formal foundation project, marking the Zhuhai port group and the global pulp logistics services giant European port group cooperation has entered a new stage. The establishment of the logistics center, will fill the gaps in the field of paper logistics distribution in Southern China, Zhuhai help build an important international port logistics center in Southern China.

  Last year, Zhuhai port successfully hand European port group, since both sides cooperate, Gaolan Port imported pulp rapid business growth, the first quarter of this year to complete the import pulp unloading capacity of 120 thousand tons, surged 300%.

  It is understood that the Zhuhai Gaolan ougang logistics distribution center project plans to invest 50 million yuan, professional pulp warehouse will be supporting the construction of two light steel structure warehouse, construction area of 17 thousand and 600 square meters, and to apply for free trade qualification, to provide diversified value-added services for customers of pulp. A project completed by the end of this year, will bring 600 thousand tons of pulp for the Gaolan Port unloading capacity.

  Zhuhai port Holding Group Co., Ltd. chairman Ou Huisheng introduction, 2020, Zhuhai Gaolan Port Logistics Distribution Center in Europe after the completion of the whole, the overall size will exceed 80 thousand square meters, will add an annual throughput of about 4000000 tons for the port of Zhuhai, to effectively meet the Southern China area paper manufacturers and traders business needs. European Port Group CEO Charles said, next to the European port group of chemical fertilizer, agricultural products and other advantages of business sector also introduced the Gaolan port.

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