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New trends and characteristics of paper packaging printing


  When excessive packaging become an object of hatred, people cry, paper packaging again into sight. The most original packaging, paper packaging has its advantages of green environmental protection. Metal, wood products, such as packaging can be used on a very few re-use, recycling costs as well as newspapers.

  The global economy and the industrial system is the rise of the packaging revolution as the forerunner of the "zero package" and "simplified packaging" and "green packaging" concept, and put into practice, green products and green packaging has become the focus of the packaging industry. Green packaging is a high-tech form of packaging, from raw materials to the packaging design, manufacture, and then the use of product recycling, each link must be a source, efficient, harmless. Ecological packaging materials have been paid much attention all over the world, and its research should be considered in the process of development, design, production, use and waste.

  The future packaging will be green packaging, paper packaging and paper packaging containers as a member of green packaging, it will be in what form?

  The development of paper packaging printing technology will have the following characteristics: single material development to multilayer materials; offset and gravure printing, flexo printing, screen printing and other printing methods exist and flexographic printing will be the fastest growing; sheet to web, single to online production development; comprehensive application of relevant new techniques (such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials etc.) to optimize the entire production system.


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